Over 50 years of operational experience in all facets of aviation & air security

Quantum Aviation exists to solve airspace security problems via unique expertise, experience and technology.

Quantum’s team are specialists and have a unique and unparalleled experience base upon which to draw, leveraging a British ex-military aviation background with specific expertise in airspace security.

Staff conceived, planned and executed the protection for the London 2012 Olympic Games and numerous counter-terrorism projects world-wide.

Based in the United Kingdom and operating globally, Quantum provides both consultancy and services with risk assessment, requirements advice, supply, installation, commissioning and testing, training and support all available.


Quantum's clients have included

  • a Major UK Capital airport
  • a Middle Eastern police air wing
  • a government strategic-level organising committee for a major global sports event
  • a major US film production company
  • the largest super yacht builder and several high-profile yacht designers

Operational & Proven Technology

Our products are in current service at prisons, HNWI's property, sports stadia and a major capital airport amongst several operational sites.