Need Countermeasures against Drones?

Drones are essentially flying robots and in terms of military use they’ve been around much longer than many people realise. The first pilotless vehicles appeared a hundred years ago during the First World War.

Nowadays, they can be used for a wide range of uses, including aerial photography and videography, having gone far beyond being used exclusively by the military. However, this can makes it even more important to have effective countermeasures against them. There is a need to distinguish between dangerous drones and those which are used by the law-abiding general public.

The need to protect against drones is ever more important in today’s world, when criminality and terrorist attacks are on the rise.

If you need countermeasures against drone attacks, Quantum Aviation Limited offer tailored and scalable solutions to enhance situational awareness.

Our unique group of Olympic experienced security experts will ensure you’re protected against drones at all times. We use the latest technology to detect whether a drone is a potential threat or not, using systems which detect analogue and digital control signals including encrypted systems such as DJI Lightbridge.

Our drone countermeasures have prices to suit all budgets.

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