Protect My Location Against Drones

The safety of your staff, audience and sensitive materials means being aware of the growth in new technology. Drones are a relatively mainstream way of gaining access to a certain location and at Quantum Aviation, we’re able to protect your location from them with our system, DroneProtect.

Most buildings are protected by both external and internal security. These help to ensure threats are detected as quickly as possible. This can’t happen if the breach is from the sky. Drones, and their ready-available nature means that anyone can get their hands on them and your security is now only as good as the height of your fence. DroneProtect places a shield around your property to enhance your situational awareness.

We’re prepared for any onset of drones at your location with our DroneProtect system. Having helped with the security at the London 2012 Olympic Games, we’re able to fine tune our system to suit different environments and events.

We blend radio and Wi-Fi detection, with electro-optical cameras if needed to keep an eye out for drone threats in your vicinity. With a radius of security around your event or building, you will be alerted when there is an imminent threat or a potential breach. This allows you to be agile to any potential incursions around your location. Built by air security experts and honed to suit every budget we come across, DroneProtect can make all the difference to your location.

To find out more about DroneProtect and how it can help you, get in contact with our team.