Three Reasons To Choose Our Drone Security Services

The exponential increase in drone availability and capability across the world has made the purchase and use of them simple and effective. This means that uninvited access to infrastructure, venues, research facilities and private property can be achieved with relative ease. The team at Quantum Aviation can help to protect your project with our drone security services.

Our state-of-the-art systems help to detect when drones are in the vicinity, can alert security teams and track drone movements. Here are three reasons to choose DroneProtect for your events and properties:

  1. Experienced and intelligent programming: Quantum’s team provided airspace security during the London 2012 Olympic Games to protect the capital from the aerial threat. Trusted to detect the unique signature of drones, our systems can locate and identify all types of targets.
  2. Radio and wi-fi sensors, electro-optical cameras and radar: Using the latest and proven technology, DroneProtect will provide permanent or temporary situational awareness to locate drone threats in the area required to be protected. This allows our system to provide you with instant updates and alerts of the current situation allowing for mitigation measures to be effected.
  3. Professional site survey: Our team of experts will survey and risk assess the area you’re looking to protect and supply recommendations to secure it. We have a menu of options for you to choose from to keep your infrastructure, event or property safe from drones.

Discover more about DroneProtect and how it can help you by getting in touch with our team.