What Are The Best Situational Awareness Systems For My Company?

Your buildings, online security and event areas all need to be guarded to fend off potential attacks. These can come in the form of drones, cyber-attacks or physical attacks. At Quantum Aviation, we will ensure you can deal with these using our situational awareness systems.

Our grounding in the security sector has led us to be involved in the safe keeping of many events. In particular, our team provided airspace security to help the London 2012 Olympics Games run safely and securely and we now provide the DroneProtect system to enhance your situational awareness.

DroneProtect is our “system-of-systems” to counter new forms of drone enabled security breaches. An event such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup is watched by billions across the world and attended by millions in the country. DroneProtect helps ensure the events and visitors are kept safe.

Our team, having great experience in counter terrorism and airspace security over many years, provide specialist anti-drone solutions for events, infrastructure, individuals and vulnerable facilities. Our range of anti and counter drone solutions enable us to defend against physical or cyber-attacks on your high-value assets.

Situational awareness systems installed at your premises will give you the agility to adjust to ever-changing security threats. To discover which system is ideal for you to stay ahead of the game, please contact our team here at Quantum Aviation, get in touch with us.