What Are The Best Situational Awareness Systems For My Company?

Your buildings, online security and event areas all need to be guarded to fend off potential attacks. These can come in the form of drones, cyber-attacks or physical attacks. At Quantum Aviation, we will ensure you can deal with these using our situational awareness systems. Our grounding in the security sector has led us to … Read more

Three Reasons To Choose Our Drone Security Services

The exponential increase in drone availability and capability across the world has made the purchase and use of them simple and effective. This means that uninvited access to infrastructure, venues, research facilities and private property can be achieved with relative ease. The team at Quantum Aviation can help to protect your project with our drone … Read more

Protect My Location Against Drones

The safety of your staff, audience and sensitive materials means being aware of the growth in new technology. Drones are a relatively mainstream way of gaining access to a certain location and at Quantum Aviation, we’re able to protect your location from them with our system, DroneProtect. Most buildings are protected by both external and … Read more

Need Countermeasures against Drones?

Drones are essentially flying robots and in terms of military use they’ve been around much longer than many people realise. The first pilotless vehicles appeared a hundred years ago during the First World War. Nowadays, they can be used for a wide range of uses, including aerial photography and videography, having gone far beyond being … Read more

Counter Drone Threats With DroneProtect

Drones and the evolution and development of them means that they will soon be delivering packages to your home. While this is an exciting time, the access to drones poses a security threat. At Quantum Aviation, we’ve developed a system to counter drone threats for your events, buildings and infrastructure. The threat of drones is … Read more

Anti-Drone Security For Your Event

The increase in technological advancements has meant ever more stringent security is needed to tackle threats across the board. Our team at Quantum Aviation are specialists in staying ahead of the pack with our professional anti-drone security ready to be installed at your events. It’s not only important to protect your event from drones that … Read more