CUAS stress-testing, decision chains and drone security

In this Podcast interview Martin Lanni sat down with Mike Monnik from @dronesec_ to discuss the decision-chain for Counter-UAS, education in the area, the current landscape and how customers in the Middle East test the effectiveness and assurance of Counter-UAS systems. This is an hour long deep dive into the current UAS/CUAS security environment and … Read moreCUAS stress-testing, decision chains and drone security

How different countries counter drone threats

Following the runway closure at Gatwick Airport which grounded hundreds of flights earlier this week the BBC looked at how different countries counter drone threats. Having delivered the airspace security plan for the London Olympics when they were serving military aviators and air defenders, Quantum Aviation were highlighted in the article which covered radar and … Read moreHow different countries counter drone threats

Gatwick airport runway closure

Gatwick Airport was forced to close its runway on Wednesday and Thursday this week grounding hundreds of flights after drone sightings over the airfield. The BBC’s┬áJane Wakefield investigated how drones can cause such chaos and spoke to our CEO Martin Lanni. For airports serious about protecting themselves from drone attacks, there is the option of … Read moreGatwick airport runway closure