Gatwick airport runway closure

Gatwick Airport was forced to close its runway on Wednesday and Thursday this week grounding hundreds of flights after drone sightings over the airfield.

The BBC’s┬áJane Wakefield investigated how drones can cause such chaos and spoke to our CEO Martin Lanni.

For airports serious about protecting themselves from drone attacks, there is the option of a more sophisticated, if expensive, system, such as that offered by Quantum Aviation, which employs radar, radio frequency detectors and cameras to detect when drones are nearby and locate where they came from.

“In an ideal world, you talk to a person but to do that you need to know where the drones are coming from,” said Mr Lanni.

“What you don’t want is to have them dropping out of the sky.”

The Quantum Aviation system can “jam” a drone – effectively stopping it working – the drone should, in theory, have a default mode that would see it either return to where it came from or land safely.