Anti-Drone Protection

The need for protection against Drone threats is becoming more apparent for many private and corporate customers. We have a number of tailored solutions to counter these threats.

TITANIUM offers clients a tailored and scalable capability to enhance situational awareness using technology specifically targeting the unique signature of drones and delivered at price points to suit all budgets.

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Aerial view of drone attack on buildings


Consultancy is available from experienced professional airspace security experts, leveraging direct experience of support to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Quantum Aviation can conceive, design and implement a complete air security project, including fast-jet and helicopter interception, airspace management and additional air defence which will integrate into your existing structure to provide a coordinated and proven capability.


Protection services are available for critical infrastructure including off-shore energy installations. Quantum provides maritime security advice, including counter-terrorism, utilising real-world expertise from UK operations in the Middle East, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean areas. Staff have recent extensive experience in both planning and execution of security in these regions working with international military and civilian agencies and can provide advice and training to enhance your capabilities. Quantum Aviation are experts in EO/IR imaging and RPAS for search and surveillance.

River pursuit with two boats and helicopter
Helicopter crew member with weapon
Helicopter landing on private yacht


Quantum Aviation can assist with the safe integration of helicopters into super yachts and other maritime platforms such as off-shore energy installations and support vessels. Staff have previously supported a wide range of clients including high profile yacht builders and designers, helicopter equipment manufacturers, the UK Royal Flight and Universal Pictures for "World War Z" as well as various naval forces around the world such as the UAE and Chilean navies.

With deep experience in helicopter operations at sea, Quantum Aviation can provide advice on how to safely operate your aircraft in the maritime environment and can provide detailed design advice complying with LY3 and CAP 437. Quantum can also now offer integrated hangar options including heli-lifts and bespoke aircraft towing options using a highly compact design requiring minimal storage onboard. Whether you require advice on choosing an aircraft, selecting pilots or deck crew, creating an operations manual, training for personnel involved in operating your helicopter or clean sheet design advice - Quantum can assist


Quantum Aviation can provide your company with expert advice on how to procure an aviation capability - from helicopter search and rescue/EMS to personnel & logistics transfer. If you have identified a requirement for aviation in your business, Quantum's staff can assist to ensure you get value for money and a safe, professional product from your contract. If you require support in this specialist area, Quantum Aviation can provide it on your behalf or manage your project and provide a complete turn-key product.

If you require UAS advice, for surveillance, filming or utility use, Quantum Aviation have a team of experts in this niche sector. Quantum Aviation designs helicopter flying training programmes for pilots and rear crew, to support all levels of experience, from ab initio students to advanced techniques. Quantum Aviation utilise proven military methods and deliver training using RAF Central Flying School (Helicopters) A2 qualified instructors. To enhance your operational output, Quantum Aviation provides a Quality and Safety Assurance audit service of current or embryonic aviation units to advise on safe, streamlined and relevant operations.

Previous clients include a Middle Eastern Police Air Wing who benefited from a bottom to top overhaul of their operations.

Helicopter on helipad
Rescue helicopter landed on remote hillside in winter
Casualty being winched from fishing vessel to helicopter


With deep expertise in mountain, NVG and maritime rescue (including EO/IR ops) from over 1000 military rescue operations in the UK, Quantum Aviation can provide on-site training for personnel to enhance their skills and improve safety, efficiency and effectiveness as well as providing aviation advice for all agencies including coast guard, military, police, mountain rescue teams and NGOs.

Quantum Aviation can design and assist in implementation of a bespoke turn-key search and rescue or EMS system - from command and control, communications and infrastructure to aircraft, personnel and equipment. Quantum Aviation can provide command and control assistance to authorities for disaster relief operations, relieving pressure on existing staff and ensuring optimal organisation of the air, land and sea relief effort. Helicopter search & rescue training is available, including advanced flying techniques and planning for both land and maritime environments. Medical staff and training are provided from our team of SAR/EMS experienced doctors, paramedics and nurses.