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Quantum is a partner throughout the life of customers’ projects with an end-to-end service tailored to suit individual requirements.


Quantum’s core operational team have unparalleled real world experience in airspace security and have delivered high end solutions in the most demanding circumstances from hostile military environments defending against terrorism through to global events such as the Olympics and FIFA World Cup. The Quantum team understand airspace security requirements intimately and have helped deliver solutions for UK capital airports, prisons and military customers.

Quantum’s customers face demanding and challenging situations that require specialist expert support to resolve. They may be presented with threats to life from insurgents using drones to attack military or government forces, surveillance of patrols, operating bases or critical infrastructure, data theft or simply illicit filming of sports or music events. Customers may be required to test for CBRNE evidence in hostile areas. Whatever the requirement, Quantum can provide solutions to mitigate drone threats or enable operational flexibility.

Explosive device being dropped from a drone

More than just a manufacturer of high-technology products, Quantum takes a through-life approach to projects and seeks to partner with customers in order to ensure they receive the advice, training and support they require - when and where they require it.


Our solutions are driven by three principle capabilities

Force Protection

Military patrols operating away from base, on foot or in vehicles are vulnerable to attack or surveillance from re-purposed commercial drones that are easily capable of disrupting their operations. Small drones may deliver grenades or high explosives to directly risk the patrol’s safety. Indirectly, the drone may be used to provide guidance to other adversaries to enable them to locate a patrol and engage them more easily.

Military operating bases, whether deployed forward or in friendly territory are exposed to drone threats from hostile drones in a similar way as patrols and vehicles but with possibly even greater disruptive effects as they are the hubs from which operations are delivered.

Quantum offers solutions for customers facing threats from hostile drone use to directly interdict and kinetically defeat the target and so enhance their Force Protection capabilities.

Aerial attack on vehicles

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Critical Infrastructure and Temporary Sites

Most critical infrastructure faces a threat vector from drones. This may be to observe guarding patterns, deliver contraband or to attack a specific area within an establishment. The effects from such malign activities can affect operational output, risk lives and have significant economic and reputational damage. Sites such as nuclear power stations, energy installations and airports and ports are all vulnerable to drone threats.

Often there are events of a temporary nature that may not be suitable for deployment of permanent counter drone solutions; these may include high profile visits, national events and large entertainment events such as sports and music. Disruption of these types of events risks life, affects the ability of organisers of the events to deliver them and poses significant reputational damage which may take years to recover from.

Quantum’s unique solutions deliver means to greatly enhance the situational awareness of sites and events and therefore permit mitigation measures to be activated.

Small drone flying near a power station

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Specialist Missions

Quantum is expert at delivering specialist solutions that may be enabled by novel use of drone technology. Customers facing unique and difficult challenges with no easy path to resolution use the company’s operational expertise and innovative, disruptive approach to solve their problems.

A particular example of a requirement is to deliver Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive detection capabilities to enable customers to examine potentially contaminated sites at long range with minimal risk to life. Typical existing solutions use personnel directly deployed to the area with obvious risks or the use of ground vehicles which are slow, cumbersome and easily disrupted by terrain. 

Quantum’s solution to solve this problem allows unmanned sensitive detection capabilities to be deployed and live streamed to operators at long range to permit them to understand the threats they face in a safe and controlled way.

Quantum Aviation's RAPTOR XL drone against a blue skyline

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