Watch the TITANIUM Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems solution in action.

Quantum Airspace Security – Counter-UAV Systems

The Quantum Solution

  • Dynetics S Band Pulse Doppler Radar installation
    Threat assessment overlaid on satellite map
  • METIS Aerospace RF Detection installation
    Controller signal is detected and crossfixed
  • Infiniti Electro Optics
    Angle of arrival is calculated using the video signal. Restricted zones are highlighted on entry
    Thermal tracking of drone in flight
  • KIRINTEC broad band intelligent jamming
    Mobile detection vehicle operating in the Middle East
    Successful jamming confirmed



  • Military installations
  • Airports
  • Infrastructure
  • Prisons
  • Stadia
  • Events


Counter-UAV Systems from Quantum Airspace Security

Security – safely delivered