Complete Security Solutions to Defend Against Drones

Situational Awareness Systems and Counter Measures


Quantum Aviation introduces its latest series of Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems solutions. TITANIUM is a best-of-breed answer to the growing requirement to detect, alert, identify, track and defeat drone threats from small commercial multi-rotors through to heavy fixed-wing targets. Tailored to specific requirements and available in fixed, temporary and vehicle-mounted configurations, TITANIUM offers a compelling combination of capability and price point. Responding to clients’ frustrations in being unable to source a complete answer to a fully capable C-UAS system, Quantum created TITANIUM to solve the problem and provide them with a one-stop and holistic solution to meet their operational needs.

Quantum’s technology solution partners are the leading manufacturers in their respective sectors with unrivalled depth of experience. These state of the art technologies are combined with Quantum’s real-world operational expertise to give clients the assurance of being in the hands of a genuinely experienced team with an end-to-end service. Radar, cameras, radio frequency and jamming capabilities combine to defeat the threat whether it affects the battlefield, airport, critical infrastructure or VIP.

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Quantum Airspace Security, OWL, Kirintec, Infiniti Electro-Optics and Symlab logos


Active, electronically scanned array (AESA) 3D radar from Quantum’s technology partner, Observation Without Limits (OWL). OWL understand AESA radar like few others in the market and their depth of knowledge and experience offers clients the most assuring customer experience. Operating in the S-band gives TITANIUM a combination of incredible capability married to a highly competitive price point. The system has been chosen as the wavelength manages adverse weather conditions well and the AESA update rate of 8 times/sec ensures situational awareness is maintained with ranges up to 15km. The hermetically sealed units offer low maintenance and high reliability. A series of flat panel sensors, each offering 120 degrees field of view (FOV) in azimuth and adjustable for vertical FOV, are combined to offer the detection and tracking capabilities required of a high-end C-UAS system.

Radar - S Band Ground Aware


An outstanding system that offers unmatched specifications and price point from Infiniti and elevates TITANIUM to the highest levels of optical capabilities. The 2MP sensor provides the best balance between light sensitivity and maximum zoom. It has excellent spectral sensitivity for both visible IR and NIR wavelengths. The IR-corrected zoom lens paired with the 1/2.8" sensor gives an equivalent to a full-frame (35mm) DSLR camera with a 13,500mm lens. Built to the highest quality, the zoom optics utilise Japanese fluorite ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion) glass. Surpassing Detection and Recognition, this system is able achieve identification of Class 1 drones at 5km, while a 3m wing span fixed-wing target is identified at 18km.

The ZLID (Zoom Laser IR Diode) technology synchronises IR intensity and area illumination with the zoom lens for outstanding active performance, eliminating over-exposure, washout and hot-spots for long range identification in complete darkness; Identification of Class 1 drone at 3km and 3m wing span fixed-wing target at 5km.

Chromium - EO/IR camera


Proven technology from SymLab. This Swiss company’s RF detection technology integrates with TITANIUM to offer outstanding situational awareness of drone threats via TDOA geolocation and tracking or AOA direction finding with ranges in excess of 5km. Intelligent learning of the local RF environment maximises detection capabilities.

TITANIUM RF Detection installed on rooftop
TITANIUM RF Detection map
RF Detection - SymLab


SKY NET LONGBOW and RECURVE MAX from Kirintec provide TITANIUM with outstanding capabilities from this leading jamming manufacturer. Both options offer class-leading jamming mitigation of drone threats with intuitive and flexible systems offering the most flexible responses from 20Mhz to 6GHz and including GPS and GLONASS frequencies. Omni and directional solutions can be deployed to maximise operational flexibility for the user.

Tested and proven in the real-world and offering 9:1 jamming ratios, there is no more capable jamming solution available.

Jammer - Kinetic Recurve Max
Jammer - Skynet Longbow